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Natcom abonné, composer: Ke envoyer 757 (gratuit)

Compositeur: À jour |  Album: À jour |  320kb/s |  Nombre d'écoute: 10109 |  Télécharger : 4 

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Aucune parole à l'heure actuelle
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Atis Constant

John's Herbert Constant ( born October 29, 1990 ) better known by his stage name (Atis Constant) is a Haitian Singer-songwriter, he gained national recognition as having been 4th finalist of the competition "Digicel Stars" in 2014.

He raised in a Christian family at Bizoton a place in Carrefour western Haïti. Constant was interested in playing soccer before, he spent over one year in A.S.T football club, but after learning some guitar lesson from Pierre Roland an old friend of him, he began seriously to sing everywhere in his zone and after some years he began to participate in some cultural activities.

In 2014 he released a test pressing titled Mizik Se medikaman'm during the competition to announce his debut album, In 2015 Constant released a Digital creole album titled Mizik Se medikaman'm that means in english (Music is my medecine)

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